Veterinary Services

Pet Hospitalization

At Cats Preferred Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your feline family members deserve the very best care, especially when they need hospitalization. We are committed to providing specialized hospitalization services tailored exclusively to cats in Plymouth, MN.

a cat sitting in a litter box

Our Hospitalization Services For Your Beloved Cats

When your beloved cat requires hospitalization, we offer a unique and comforting environment to ensure their well-being.

Our specialized treatment area is thoughtfully designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. We provide laminate housing, carefully positioned to receive plenty of afternoon sunlight, allowing your cat to bask in the warmth and enjoy visual stimulation from the outside world. For our more reserved patients, we have a separate hospitalization area, offering a serene and quiet space for cats who prefer distance from other hospitalized feline friends.

We encourage pet parents to bring small blankets or towels from home to keep with their cats during their hospital stay. These familiar scents provide comfort and reassurance, helping your cat feel more at ease during their time with us.

What Our Hospitalization Services Include

At Cats Preferred Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide range of hospitalization services to cater to your cat’s unique needs:

  • IV Fluid Therapy: Our expert team administers IV fluids to maintain hydration and support your cat’s recovery.
  • Warming Therapy: We ensure your cat stays cozy and warm throughout their stay, promoting a speedy recovery.
  • Feeding Care: Our team pays meticulous attention to your cat’s dietary needs, ensuring they receive the proper nutrition.
  • Short-Term Oxygen Therapy: For cats with respiratory issues, we provide oxygen therapy to enhance their comfort and healing.
  • Diabetic Care: Our experienced staff is skilled in managing diabetic cats and ensuring they receive the care they need.
  • Treatments and Diagnostics: We offer comprehensive treatments and diagnostics to address a variety of medical conditions and concerns.
  • Pre and Post-Operative Care: Whether your cat is undergoing surgery or recovering afterward, we provide advanced care to ensure a smooth process.

Catering to Your Cat’s Palate

We understand the importance of enticing your cat’s appetite during their hospital stay. That’s why we carry a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription diets. Our goal is to provide a range of flavors and options to keep your cat’s taste buds excited and encourage proper nutrition.